Exhibition: Alyssa Endo: The Beauty Series – Geisha Redefined at Monterey Museum of Art Pacific Street.

The Monterey Museum of Art has announced the opening of an exhibit, “Alyssa Endo: The Beauty Series – Geisha Redefined”, as part of its Year of the Woman 2018. The exhibit will feature thirteen new large-scale reduction prints from the artist.

“Alyssa Endo: The Beauty Series – Geisha Redefined”
Monterey Museum of Art, Pacific Street
November 15, 2018 – February 18, 2019

“I tend to look more for the details in life, the little things that not many people notice when going through their fast-paced lives”

Alyssa Endo is the Monterey Peninsula’s only large-scale reduction woodcut artist and a founding member of Open Ground Studio in Seaside, CA. She is a graduate of The University of California at Santa Cruz, concentrating in photography and printmaking.

“The first time I visited Alyssa’s studio, I knew there was something big there and that her work would be perfect for our diverse Year of the Woman 2018 programs,” says MMA Executive Director Stuart Chase.

Her exhibition at MMA will feature 13 new large-scale reduction wood block prints. With each piece, she aims to capture a symbolic aspect of either Japanese or Geisha culture. Her work explores the nature of the geisha beyond their stereotypical portrayal and seeks to examine them through a contemporary lens.

Endo says, “I use bright and vivid colors because it is my way of putting myself into the prints. They are all traditional Japanese images, Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese maples – the contemporary color scheme is all me.”

Endo is captivated by the process involved in reduction woodcuts. With each piece, she maps out the final design with care. Each color is added as a layer of ink on top of the previous layer, and so the order must be precise in order to ensure the brightest possible colors.

“People who know the process of reduction woodcuts say I am crazy for doing it, I won’t disagree with them. But when you are passionate about something nothing is too crazy,” says Endo.

MMA’s Year of the Woman 2018 focuses on notable women artists of California and the Central Coast. By recognizing the work and wisdom of women artists past and present, the museum hopes to articulate an inclusive vision for the future.


Feb 19 2019 - Feb 20 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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