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New Mexico - Annual 2015

The area’s rich, long and colorful history is spiced with its cuisine.

New Mexico RestaurantsSeen right: Cast Iron Bronzed Cauliflower from Joseph’s Culinary Pub.
Photo courtesyJoseph’s Culinary Pub

Like its landscape, New Mexico’s cuisine is diverse, colorful, and adventurous. From simple chile-based dishes that have been enjoyed for centuries to Southwest fusion tastes that have created their own genre, New Mexico’s distinct culinary legacy is known throughout the world.

Traditional chile, corn, beans, meat, and cheese dishes have been taken to new heights by New Mexico’s fine restaurants, and many chefs here have earned coveted James Beard Awards and other honors. Like New Mexico itself, cuisine here invites tastes and styles from all over the world and recombines them into flavors found only here. Include a New Mexico fine dining experience during your visit to truly experience all that the Land of Enchantment has to offer.

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GuestLife Best of New Mexico
Limited Edition Posters

Posters printed by GuestLife New Mexico featuring the work of New Mexico artists.

Featured Artists:
Donna Clair, Charles Collins, Georgia O'Keeffe, Carol Hagan, Rance Hood, Andrew Peters, Miguel Martinez, Malcolm Furlow, Pablo Antonio Milan, Leigh Gusterson, Jack Acrey, and Bill Ware.



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