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New Mexico - Annual 2017

Many artists, from many disciplines, have found inspiration in the land and culture here. It’s well worth taking the time to explore the thriving art scene.

New Mexico Culture(Seen at right) Some of New Mexico’s earliest inhabitants are displayed at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.
Photo: Steve Larese

Thoughts of New Mexico bring to mind the Wild West: cowboys, Indians, pioneers of the Gold Rush and rugged terrain. In contrast, New Mexico offers the bluest skies, double rainbows, the most delicate of desert flowers and sunsets enticing enough to make motorists pull off the road to capture them on film. All of this and more is reflected throughout the state’s cultural and arts communities, rich in colorful, long histories that are the soul of New Mexico.

Throughout New Mexico, art and architecture will reach out to you, catch your eye, touch your heart and captivate your soul. The mix of cultures here left behind a legacy that continues to unfold, a legacy that lives in the spirit of the West.

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Native American culture permeates New Mexico — after all, ancestral tribes have lived in the Southwest for millennia.

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One of GuestLife New Mexico's favorite Art Galleries.

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People have long resided along the Rio Grande Valley; its past enlivens the city's present.

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Ancient civilization inspires Albuquerque hotel and tours.

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