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About GuestLife

New Mexico - Annual 2017

Publisher Franklin W. Jones
Associate Publisher Mary Meredith

Editorial Director Winston Gieseke
Editor Ashley M. Biggers
Creative Director Robert Festino
Art Director Stuart Funk
Managing Editor Olga Reyes
Associate Editor Miranda Caudell
Contributing Writers Billie Frank, Cheryl Alters Jamison
Contributing Photographers Charles Mann Photography, Michael Clark, Blaine Harrington III, Kitty Leaken Photography, Steve Larese, Thomas M. Lerose, Gabriella Marks, Julien McRoberts, Doug Merriam, Missy Wolf Photography, Efrain M. Padro, Laurence Parent, Kate Russell, Sergio Salvador, Wayne Suggs

Graphics Manager Gracie De La Paz
Advertising Art Director Emma B. Reyna
Sales Assistant Sarah Tomlinson
Production Manager Laura Reyes
Digital Imaging Marco Moracha
Map Illustrator Sal Meza

MIS/Internet Director Todd May
Digital Content Developer Jerry Sullivent
Audience Development Director Shari Taylor
Accounting Sunday Barrett, Brian Bentson, Marie Montenegro

National Advertising Representatives

New Mexico
1210 Luisa St., Suite 9, Santa Fe, NM 87505
505-984-8747; fax 505-983-3089

El Paso
Mary Kidd
915-585-9389; 915-203-7559

Orange County
Rima Dorsey
949-370-1437; fax 949-443-2794

New York
Karen Couture
917-821-4429; fax 203-724-1428

Los Angeles
Dorie Leo
310-822-4938; fax 310-823-5459

All Other Regions
Franklin W. Jones
760-325-2333; fax 760-325-7008


Franklin W. Jones President
Joseph Hinman Chief Financial Officer

Manufactured and printed in the United States of America.
GuestLife New Mexico 2017/2018 is published by Desert Publications Inc.,
303 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
760-325-2333, guestlife.com

© 2017/2018 Desert Publications Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
Materials submitted must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Publisher assumes no responsibility for their return.

To Order a Copy
Call 800-775-7256 or visit www.guestlife.com

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