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¡Bienvenidos! The thing we love most about New Mexico is its incredible diversity, both in landscape and in culture. In what other state can you go from an alpine meadow to a desert landscape in the same afternoon?

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Welcome to the rich land that is New Mexico. This is a place full of natural wonders, cultural treasures and a wide diversity of citizens. You are invited to join in the fiestas, markets and fairs throughout the year and celebrate our interwoven cultural backgrounds.

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Cultural Hub Of Taos Harwood Museum Celebrates 90th Anniversary, Cultural Hub Of Taos Harwood Museum Celebrates 90th Anniversary
To commemorate the 90th anniversary of this cultural hub of Northern New Mexico, the Harwood has planned a series of exhibitions, community parties, and other public programs. Read more »
NM13 - Chile, Wine, and Chocolate, Steve Larese NM13 - Chile, Wine, and Chocolate
Chefs here have chile, wine, and chocolate to thank for making our meals deliciously distinctive. The area’s climate and history infuse these foods, creating culinary experiences found only in the Land of Enchantment. Read more »
NM13 - Explore Albuquerque, NM13 - Explore Albuquerque
Balloons drifting through Albuquerque’s indigo sky, the Sandía Mountains overlooking the city, and the vibrant shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural beauty make Albuquerque a great place to live and visit. Read more »
NM13 - Explore Durango, Colorado, NM13 - Explore Durango, Colorado
Durango, Colo., is the kind of idyllic Old West town where you can make childhood memories out of outdoor adventure. Read more »

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Dinosaur Train® at the Museum of Nature and Science in Las Cruces

Pre-K children and their families are invited to join us at the museum every Thursday for activities especially for them.  On the 4th... more »

Exhibition: Grossology-The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

This is a fun, exciting, and educationally stimulating exhibition based on the best-selling book, Grossology, by science teacher Sylvia... more »

Artist of the Month: Leo Neufeld Exhibition by at O'Niell's Pub on Nob Hill in Albuquerque

March 30th – April 27th| Art Exhibition by Leo Neufeld shows daily Monday-Saturday from 11am-2am, Sunday 11am-12am|... more »

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Featured Artists:
Donna Clair, Charles Collins, Georgia O'Keeffe, Carol Hagan, Rance Hood, Andrew Peters, Miguel Martinez, Malcolm Furlow, Pablo Antonio Milan, Leigh Gusterson, Jack Acrey, and Bill Ware.