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Monterey Bay - Annual 2018

Carmel RestaurantsOutstanding restaurants for every occasion

It’s little surprise that the Monterey Peninsula enjoys a lofty reputation as a dining paradise, with foodies from across the globe visiting to partake in its bounty.

First, its location is prime. Tucked between the "Salad Bowl of the World" in the Salinas Valley and the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay, this region has access to the freshest produce and seafood in the world. What’s more, the temperate climate leads to long growing seasons, allowing even small farms and ranches to successfully tend the earth and raise animals in sustainable ways that enrich the community.

The variety of restaurants is as wide as the tastes and trends that guide the particular dining public. And when it comes to wine, local vintners popped a cork in 2013 when Wine Enthusiast magazine chose Monterey County as the top wine destination in the country.

— Mike Hale
Photo by Jeff Bushnell

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Master Craft »»
Two multinational conglomerates control around 90 percent of the U.S. beer supply. The good news: The remaining 10 percent brings an infinite flow of compelling craft brews, some of which have transformed the Monterey Bay beer experience.

Pick Your Plate »»
Monterey Bay offers plenty of food for thought, from the latest restaurants dishing out creative menus to family-owned eateries cooking up classic comfort foods.

GuestLife Monterey Bay's Great Restaurants »»
One of GuestLife Monterey Bay's favorite restaurants: The Sardine Factory Restaurant.

Best In The West – Dining »»
6 Rare And Unforgettable Dining Excursions That You Can Only Experience In Monterey Bay.

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