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The Zoom Room

Monterey Bay - Annual 2012

A Canine Community Center

The Zoom Room
A dog-day afternoon at Zoom Room.
Courtesy Zoom Room

Just when you thought Rover might have to remain at home during your pleasure trip to the Peninsula, you discovered the Zoom Room. Leave it to a community that caters to its canines to establish a dog agility training center and canine social club for the ultimate in exercise and entertainment.

Located in Pacific Grove, the fourth of some 10 franchise operations opened last spring for two reasons: 1) to give owner Ratna Anagol a place to play with her dog, and 2) to offer positive puppy training, dog obedience, tricks training, therapy dog training and, most popular, dog agility training, to locals and visitors on the Peninsula.

As long as you have a dog, his veterinary records, and can demonstrate that he plays well with others, you’re in. But this is no doggy daycare. It is up to owners to stay and play with their dogs, trying to keep up during agility training, observing during obedience training, or taking advantage of a little direct-trade coffee and WiFi access in the Hound Lounge while pups play during the “open gym” session.

The facility also sells eco-friendly, solution-oriented training products, including all-natural dog treats, premium dog food, collars, leashes and quite an array of dog toys and gear.

Anagol opened the Zoom Room when, after recovering from a serious illness, she began looking for a new activity that would suit and support a healthy lifestyle. First she got a dog ‒ a Coton de Tuléar ‒ and began customizing agility training for him, an activity equally demanding for dog and trainer. When she went online to learn more about agility training, she discovered the Zoom Room and realized it was tailor made for her.

“I built the Zoom Room around my lifestyle,” says Anagol. “It’s about structuring my life around what is important to me. I live a mile and a half away from my store. I can pick up my kids in the afternoon, and teach while they’re in school or in the evenings. We teach agility for fun, and people seem to really enjoy the classes. And we also host parties for dogs. Most of our own events are fundraisers for local animal rescue organizations.”

For those looking to pamper their pup or get into a little positive-reinforcement training while visiting the Peninsula, zip over to the Zoom Room Monterey Bay at 120 Central Ave. in Pacific Grove 93950, or call 831-717-4580.

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