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El Paso - Annual 2014

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03.26.2015 - 04.26.2015
Body Art: Contemporary El Paso Jewelry at the El Paso Museum of Art

The exhibition will include several pieces by Thiewes, along with selections from approximately ten other area jewelers, many of whom studied with Thiewes years prior or as recent UTEP graduates. Just a few of the artists represented in Body Art ...
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03.26.2015 - 05.01.2015
Mother's Day Essay Contest

Looking for a really special way to say thanks to your mom for a lifetime of love? Join our writing contest to express your love for your mom, get published in LatinitasMagazine.org, and enter to win a prize for your ...
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03.26.2015 - 05.08.2015
Wise Latina International Scholarship

Wise Latina International's mission is to educate and empower Latinas and women of all walks of life to overcome barriers, to be self-reliant, to become leaders and to act as agents of change in our communities through arts and entertainment. ...
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Live Band Karaoke at Tricky Falls Theatre in El Paso

Tricky Falls Presents Live Band Karaoke in Tricky Falls

Thu, March 26, 2015
8:00 pm

Tricky Falls
El Paso, TX

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03.26.2015 - 04.05.2015
Exhibit: Heavy Metal: Vintage Farm Equipment by Richard Ondrovi at the NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces

Twenty-eight photographs of the Museum’s vintage farm equipment is featured in this show by Richard Ondrovic, a former software engineer from New York who now lives in El Paso. His photographs emphasize the complex shapes that make up the machinery. ...
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03.27.2015 - 04.10.2015
Cowboy Up Karaoke at The Rod and Gun Club in El Paso

* Event Days:Friday
* Location:3730 Roy Johnson Lane, El Paso, TX 79924
* Venue:The Rod and Gun Club
* Website:www.blissmwr.com
* Contact Phone Number:915-565-4867

Unleash your inner rock star and take the stage during Cowboy Up Karaoke. This event is free. ...
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Viva La Mujer at Cafe Mayapan in El Paso

To honor Women’s History Month, the public is invited to attend this showcase of local female talent and celebration of notable women in history.

Viva la Mujer will feature an art exhibit, dance performances and live musical entertainment. This family-friendly event ...
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The Evolution Art Show at Loft Light Studio

The opening reception will be held at local art gallery, Loft Light Studio.

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03.27.2015 - 03.29.2015
Esperanza Rising at UTEP Wise Family Theatre

Esperanza lives a privileged life on her father’s Rancho Linda Flor near the U.S.-Mexican border. But when tragedy strikes, she is forced to cross the frontera into the United States and become a farm worker. Taken from the pages of ...
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Back by Noon Outgoings: Slot Canyon Adventure

Back by popularity demand! Conservation advocatesDavid Soules will lead us to through a little known slot canyon on the east side of the Robledo Mountains.. Eroded, narrow passage ways provide interesting views and a unike hiking experience. Mostly off-trail walking, with a ...
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