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El Paso - Annual 2016

El Paso has been a tourism destination from prehistoric times.

El Paso AttractionsSeen at right: Ancient Native American pictograph (rock painting) at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site.
Photo: ThinkstockPhotos.com

For those who love the great outdoors, El Paso has numerous parks, public and private golf courses, tennis clubs, skate parks, sports clubs and swimming pools. Hikers, bikers and climbers find ideal elements for any level of challenge in and around the 7,000-foot Franklin Mountains.

The location of the mountain pass and the intrigue of the two-nation, three-state area has always funneled travelers throughout history and from all over the world to and through El Paso. Attractions in and close to El Paso include state and national parks, museums, natural wonders, amusement parks and activities such as horse racing, skiing, watersports and alpine sports.

Follow the links below to much more information on things to do around the El Paso Area!

Common Bonds - Fort Bliss »»
Whether you're interested in military or El Paso history or seeking an afternoon of family fun, Fort Bliss can answer the call.

A Trail of Three Cities - The Mission Trail »»
A drive along the Mission Trail offers a journey into El Paso's fascinating history .

Fun For All Ages - Kid Zone »»
You'll find yourself smiling as you relax and enjoy a game, visit some animals, or take a ride to the top of a mountain.

El Paso Attractions Guide »»
Get out and discover the natural wonders of the region.

More El Paso Attractions Information »»

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